CAD Freeform

Goal of the tutorial CAD Freeform is an introduction to the 3D-CAD system Siemens NX11.0 and especially advanced methods of Shape Design.

Location: L1|10 – room t.b.a.
Time: from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm
Semester: winter semester 2018/2019
Start: 25 February 2019
End: 08 March 2019
Registration period: 1 December (8:00 am) till 14. December 2018

Content: Content are basic curves and surface generation, editing surfaces, surface and curve analysis and the link of area with solid models. Participants who have no previous knowledge, it is recommended to work on this basics of this Bachelor course before.

Note: The students can enroll for this tutorial within the stipulated period by submitting the application. The Membership is limited to 20 students and available on a first come first serve basis (application period see above. The applicants should register in Tucan only after receiving a confirmation mail from DiK. Registration only in TUCaN is invalid and will be removed from TUCaN.