Funktionsanalyse und konzeptionelle Entwicklung von Produkt-Service-Ökosystemen

Functional Analysis and Conceptual Development of Product-Service Ecosystems


The potentials of Industrie 4.0 can be expressed by hybrid service bundles that combine product and service. These are known as product-service systems (PSS). A transition in the purchasing behavior of (end) customers in combination with a dynamic technology push paves the way for the need for PSS to strengthen competitiveness.

If other actors beyond producers and end customers are taken into account, a targeted ecosystem can be developed around the PSS that includes other service providers, suppliers and software developers. Thus, product-service ecosystems (PSÖS) are created. Ride-sharing platforms are a successful example of PSÖs.

PSÖS open up the possibility for companies to enter new markets and new business models. The master's thesis will investigate the elementary components that make up PSÖS and how they can be developed in a targeted manner. The thesis includes:

  • Research on Industry 4.0 and PSS
  • Requirements engineering for the analysis of PSÖS
  • Analysis and formation of PSÖS clusters
  • Development of a prototypical PSÖS
  • Presentation and documentation of the results