Master at the DiK

The main focus of the scope of lectures for Master students is on methods and mechanism of product data technology.

Product data technology is an interdisciplinary field, affected by the basics of informatics and the methods of enginieering sciences, especially of mechanical engineering. The primary concept is based on an integrated processing (without media brakes, without information loss) of digital product data for all phases of the product life cycle. The therefor used DV systems, the integrated product modell and the methods and tools for the management of product data in the product life cycle are main topics of the Master studies.

The subject area of the lecture Virtual Product Development A (formerly Product Data Technology A – PDT A) includes a primary introduction to modern product data technology. Here, especially the product concept and the administration of necessary product information for the complete product specifications are placed in the foreground. So miscellaneous geometry models used in CAD-systems with its computer internal product specifications are discussed and the most important CAD-process chains of product creation starting from the product concept until the manufacturing process are presented and are analyzed and discussed with the help of suitable examples.

The centre point of the lecture Virtual Product Development B (formerly product data technology B – PDT B) is the importance of product data management and its features. Thereby both basic technologies and basic conditions for product data management systems are reviewed. Just as well the organisational requirements for application are discussed. In addition an insight into the architechture of PDM systems is delivered. For clarification different data models are presented exemplarily. Due to its significance workflow management systems are examined next to PDM management systems in detail.

The lecture virtual Product Development C (formerly Product Data Technology C- PDT C) deals with different principles, methods and tools for product and process modelling. For instance the principles of system technology like hierarchic structuring and modeling are discussed. The methods of model design and its specifications are identified and discussed. The systematical data modelling is presented in view of ISO 10303 (STEP) by applying SADT, EXPRESS and EXPRESS-G. The concepts of process modelling itself are explained with the help of business process modelling. Hereby especially the opportunities for business process modelling with UML as well as the integrative method ARIS are gone into detail. Furthermore XML based solution alternatives are discussed.

Additionally the DiK teaches the lecture “Interlinked Product Creation Processes” since 2015 in cooperation with PTW, focusing on the entire product creation process with consideration of the new network technologies supporting the development and production.

Since winter semester 2014 the DiK organizes the lecture series “A new security culture for Industrie 4.0”. During the course, new technologies and methods for IT-Security in the environment of Industrie 4.0, the “fourth industrial revolution” will be presented. Challenges and approaches, which result from increased digitizing in the classical industries, for instance in the production and automation will be introduced with a strong focus on the perspective of the industrial enterprises. Thereby economic, social, juridical and political issues will be discussed.