Exercise Fundamentals of Digitalisation

The exercise to Fundamentals of Digitalisation teaches Programming Languages and Techniques and deepens the material of the lecture GdD by a practical orientation using the programming languages Matlab and Python.

Location: L4|02 – 201+202 and as displayed

Time: On Thursdays from 08:00 until 17:00 p.m.

Semester: winter semester

Beginning: 28.10.2021

Last lecture: 17.02.2022

The exercise to the lecture Fundamentals of Digitalisation deepens the content of the lecture and teaches Programming Languages and Techniques from the topic “methods of programming”. Especially knowledge from the fields basics, data exchange, algorithms and graphical user interfaces are taught. For programming the language MATLAB is used and basic Python knowledge is taught. In addition an introduction in object orientation and access to modern Internet technology, e.g. web services, is offered.