Principles of CAE/CAD

The lecture "Principles of CAE / CAD" provides an introduction to virtual product development.

Location: Online (Moodle)

Time: On mondays from 15:20 until 17:00

Semester: winter semester

Beginning: 25.10.2021

Ending: 14.02.2022

Examination: 23.02.2022 from 12:00 until 13:30

Lectures during the winter semester 2020/21

Lectures during the winter semester 2020/21

The courses of the DiK will be held as online teaching in the winter semester 2021/22. The lectures will be digitally broadcasted and supplemented by additional digital materials such as demonstrations and exercises.

Online teaching starts in week 43 (from 25.10.2021) and takes place on the weekdays and at the times specified in the schedule (see TUCaN). The available room details for the individual dates in TUCaN represent the original attendance planning and will be replaced by the online teaching. The technical access to the online teaching takes place via Moodle. In the courses in which there are exercises, the group allocation also takes place via moodle.

The DiK broadcasts the lectures in the winter semester 2020/22 via livestream. You will find a link to attend the live lecture in the respective Moodle course of the event in the corresponding week. The link leads you to the video platform Panopto, which is used for the live stream.

The lecture „Grundlagen des CAE / CAD“ Principles of CAE/CAD) contains a basic introduction in product data technology, computer aided design and its process chains. Basics of geometrical modelling and methods of computer aided design are taught. The architecture of CA-system components as well as process chains like CAD-FEM, CAD-Rapid Prototyping and CAD-work preparation (NC, RC, MC) being passed through in line with product development are presented and their application in the different phases of the product life cycle. Accompanying to the weekly lecture coached exercises take place on five dates.

“Grundlagen des CAE/CAD” in Moodle provides:

  • Working materials like script, slides and demonstrators
  • Communication between students each other as well as students and lecturers
  • Tutorial with practical exercises in CAE/CAD using Siemens NX

The lecture is a compulsory for students of Computational Engineering.

Learning objectives are:

  • Knowledge about architectures of CAx systems
  • Basics of geometrical modelling
  • Basics of simulation and modelling
  • Understanding of CAx process chains
  • Knowledge about computer aided methods for conception, design, optimisation, display, production preparations and documentation of products.
  • Introduction into management of product and simulation data