Advanced Design Projects at the DiK

In the project work Advanced Design Project changing problems from the field "Virtual Product Development" are dealt with by an interdisciplinary team.

An overview on current offered topics is available here.

In the winter semester 2002/2003 the event Advanced Design Project – Virtual Product Development was offered the first time as a project placement. It is concipated for students of engineering as an interdisciplinary team work in cooperation with industry during two weeks. Therefor a comprehensive construction or systematical problem from engineering has to be solved independently by an interdisciplinary team, by means students of different specialisation. Initial point here is the idea of process chains by applying methods of CAD-modelling, FEM-calculation and MKS-simulation.

  • Die Drohne der Zukunft: Smart, konfigurierbar, datenbasiert


    Masterthesis, Advanced Design Project (ADP)

    Supervisors: Serdar Bulut, M. Eng. M. Sc., Felix Hoffmann, M. Sc.

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  • Erarbeitung und erste Umsetzung eines Konzepts zur Digitalisierung von Prozessen und Arbeitsabläufen im Katastrophenschutz


    Masterthesis, Bachelorthesis, Advanced Design Project (ADP)

    Der Vario-Load-Rescue ist speziell für Bergungs- und Abstützeinsätze entworfen und führt zu einer deutlichen Verbesserung der Arbeitssicherheit, Ergonomie und Zeiteffizienz für alle beteiligten Helfer im Einsatz.

    Ziel ist es, den Vario-Load-Rescue in digitale Prozesse einzubinden, um Vorgänge wie Tracking und Remote Assist zu realisieren.

    Supervisor: Tanja Steinbach, M.Sc.

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  • Entwurf einer Simulation für autonome Prozesssteuerung

    Design of a simulation for autonomous process control


    Bachelorthesis, Advanced Design Project (ADP)

    In this thesis, a simulation environment for a process twin with multiple participants will be conceptualized and implemented.

    Supervisor: Thomas Dasbach, M.Sc.

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  • Entwicklung einer konfigurierbaren Drohne in einem datengetriebenen Produktionsnetzwerk

    Development of a configurable drone in a data-driven production network


    Masterthesis, Advanced Design Project (ADP)

    The ongoing digitization of all areas of daily life poses enormous challenges for the manufacturing industry. For this reason, the Platform for Data-Driven Production (dataPro) aims to create a digital and physical environment for the data-driven production of smart drones that is unique in Germany. This production environment spans four sites at DiK and PTW, where the drone will be manufactured. This product should suitably map requirements from the process, platform and service areas. It must contain corresponding solutions in hardware and software.

    Supervisors: Serdar Bulut, M. Eng. M. Sc., Felix Hoffmann, M. Sc.

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