In the context of the project WIS (Werkstatt-Information-Systems) the company Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG examines possibilities of applying an information system in the factory. Such system is supposed to function as a gateway between the factory and design and especially support the daily work of a workman by using new media, e.g. 3D-models. photos, animations.

The basic idea on this is the conception of a process chain without drawings, which can be achieved step by step based on the application of online 2D-demonstrations and tabular views ranging from operation charts to geometry based product models for the production. For that purpose process specified information is embeded into alphanumeric information in CAD-models and graphically formated with adequate methods. The goal is a geometry based documentation of the manufacotring processes and its interactive demonstration in a WIS. The goal of this project is to identify the respective need for information of the different process participants, to make deductions for the providing contents and media and to define the necessary requirements for the creation of a WIS, include them in a product specification and specify possible technologies as well as defaults for the realisation in a functional specification. Based on the functional specification the WIS-concept is implemented.