Software-Factory 4.0

The "Software-Factory 4.0" is a LOEWE research focus financed by the HMWK which deals with the reengineering of software as an alternative to software development from scratch.

The Software-Factory 4.0 deals with the reengineering of Software as an alternative to software forward engineering. Through directed and automated adaptation of existing software, the original know-how of the developers should be maintained and at the same time meet new requirements and changed boundary conditions. The aim of the reengineering is to enable faster availability and lower costs compared to development from scratch.

The Department of Computer Integrated Design (Datenverarbeitung in der Konstruktion – DiK) is involved with the subproject “Reengineering for the Industry 4.0” at the Software-Factory 4.0. The aim of this subproject is to develop an efficient, stepwise methodology for upgrading existing production machines to CPPS (cyber-physical production systems). For this purpose, existing systems should be reconstructed and digital twins created. A CNC-Laser-Plotter in virtual and physical form is used as a test environment.