SFB 805
Control of Uncertainty of Load Carrying Systems in Mechanical Engineering

In the SFB 805, new methods and technologies for controlling uncertainties in load-bearing systems are being researched and tested.

Collaborative Research Centre 805

Each product passes through different phases during its life cycle process. Beginning from the product development until the production and use, uncertainty crops up in every of these phases. Especially in the case of products with load carrying functions misperceptions by uncertainty can lead to disastrous consequences.

Therefore the vision of the planned CRC 805 is: control of uncertainty of load carrying systems in Mechanical Engineering by applying new methods and technologies along the process chain for system development and system usage.

By the goals of CRC 805 there will be given the possibility of

  • reducing oversizing,
  • enlarge the application area of load carrying systems and
  • ecological and economical advantages.

The department of Computer Integrated Design participates in the CRC 805 in subproject A5 – Information model for representation and visualization of uncertainty.

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