D-Mech-P | The role of continuous documentation of mechatronical products as success factor for qualitiy and customer satisfaction

Mechatronical products are developed predominantly in a multidisciplinary environment, whereat disciplines, which show different life cycle characteristics, are brought together. The combination of different principles of construction demands on the one hand divergent requirements on development processes of involved disciplines, on the other hand a synchronisation of the development processes is necessary in order to take advantage of the synergy of domain comprehensive approaches. Against this backround the documentation of the development results and the products provides an important view in order to document, communicate and analyze the data and processes of multidisciplinary developed products concluding the enitre product life cycle.

The focus of the entire project is on the documentation of mechatronical products. At this within the context of a study the status quo of technical documentation of mechatronical products is detected and the requirements on a capable future concept are identified.

We think that

  • the multidisciplinarity of mechatronical product development demands new requirements on the documentation process,
  • the business processes for the documentation can be generated more efficiently,
  • the ad-hoc implementation of the documentation projects can be avoided,
  • the existing approaches for the documentation can be optimized with a specific implementation of IT-tools and thereby the process chain „technical documentation“ can be improved.

As a provider of integrated solutions for IT-based support of the product life cycle management the company „Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC)“ examines currently the changing requirements on the processes in the companies, which result from the changing objective, the challenge to develop mechatronical products. As a research institution the department Computer Integrated Design (Datenverarbeitung in der Konstruktion (DiK)) is responsible for the scientific and conceptual assistance of this project in a study.

The purpose of the present study is to create a requirement profile for the documentation of the development od mechatronical products. Based on that our vision is to realise a life cycle modell for the documentation processes according to the product development of mechatronical products.