Deutsche Bahn

Industrial day-to-day business is characterized by an increasing usage of internet technology, as well as the modern information and communication technologies. Simultaneously, the fourth industrial revolution is characterized by an individualization of products with shorter innovation cycles. The importance of decentralization of systems and connection of data as well as the individualization of products and services through customer interaction for the development of future business models are increasing more and more.

This characteristic can be transferred to the area of mobility as well. Today’s mobility market is characterized by new mobility patterns. Customers use intermodal services for mobility more often while reducing the usage of private mobility services. There is also a trend to share mobility resources, like car sharing as well as the demand on flexible types of mobility and end-to-end-mobility solutions, which leads to fundamental changes on mobility market.

The preliminary study “Potentials Industrie 4.0 for mobility 4.0” for Deutsche Bahn AG aims at the identification of core competencies for Deutsche Bahn, in order to offer customer services in future on the mobility market 4.0, that are tailored to customer needs. On mobility market 4.0, the internet technology will play a predominant role. Hence, the first step of this preliminary study is an identification of core technologies and concepts of Industrie 4.0 as well as the expertises of actors and partners in mobility market. Based on this analysis, the core competences in the area of Industrie 4.0 are identified and evaluated in interviews with experts. At the end of this preliminary study, a roadmap is developed, which contains a strategy and advices for reaching the core competencies. This roadmap will serve as a base for future activities in order to transfer Deutsche Bahn into mobility 4.0.