LOEWE-Center ”CASED”: Center for Advanced Security Research Darmstadt

General Information

The LOEWE-Center for Advanced Security Research Darmstadt (CASED) coordinates and promotes IT security activities by its three institutions TU Darmstadt, Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology (SIT) and University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt. Computer scientists, engineers, physicists, attorneys and economists work together in funded projects in fundamental research and applied research. Together, the three institutions offer a master’s course “IT security”, a major course “IT security” in academia and several further education courses.

Topic: IT Security

CASED scientists research and develop new security solutions for the most important growing areas of IT technology, such as embedded systems and service-oriented architectures. They provide the knowledge and tools to prevent substantial economic damage caused by economic espionage, manipulation, and product counterfeiting. Another aim is to provide new techniques and online services that run reliably and secure for both providers and users.

The Role of DiK in CASED

In CASED’s research area “secure data”, DiK researchers work in the “Information Rights Management” project to explore the manifold means to protect knowledge in digital product data in virtual product development processes. Enterprise Rights Management (ERM) is a technology based on cryptography and user authentication that extends the basic principle of Digital Rights Management (DRM) by corporate related aspects. By using the ERM technology, the owner of product data is able to dynamically control access to and distribution of included knowledge even when the data already left the own enterprise e.g. during data exchange with collaborators and suppliers. Unauthorized access is securely prevented without decreasing efficiency of data exchange processes.

In an interdisciplinary cooperation, DiK researchers work together with CASED cryptography and IT security specialists to develop new concepts and processes, which customize and improve ERM methods and principles with respect to the raised requirements particularly inherent in virtual product development processes.

IT Security for Industrie 4.0

Since July 1st, 2014, DiK is participating in CASED research area „secure things“. In this area, department DiK is head of the new research project “IT security for Industrie 4.0”. This project deals with the integration of IT security technologies and methods to Industrie 4.0 equipment and systems. Furthermore, methods and processes for protecting intellectual property in product creation are developed by DiK. In addition to this project, DiK is contributing to the “cyber-physical systems security lab” project in order to improve IT security of cyber-physical systems.

DiK’s primary goal at CASED is to integrate the latest IT security technologies developed at CASED to industrial practice.

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