BRAGECRIM - Smart Components within Smart Production Processes and Environments (SCoPE)

General information

The BRAGECRIM Initiative (Brazilian German Collaborative Research Initiative in Manufacturing Technology) provides a common scientific platform for 30 university departments and Fraunhofer Institutes from Brazil and Germany. BRAGECRIM contains a multitude of cooperative projects in the field of manufacturing technology, integrated product development and production optimization.

The role of DiK in BRAGECRIM

The Department of Computer Integrated Design (DiK) participates in one cooperation project with the topic: “Smart Components within Smart Production Processes and Environments” (SCoPE) since August 2014. The cooperation partner from Brazil is the Laboratory for computer application in design and manufacturing (SCPM) of UNIMEP in Piracicaba and the department LGI of the University of São Paulo. The funding agencies have provided initial funding for two years.


The SCoPE project aims to promote individual physical components to information carriers that contain data about their physical properties, customizations, manufacturing history and purpose. Modern internet technologies enable the interlinking of components as information carriers and the access to information stored in different knowledge repositories, like production data bases and data management systems. These “smart components” will be able to control their manufacturing and assembly procedures applied to them and to autonomously navigate through smart factories equipped with cyber-physical production systems.

Potential use cases are the establishment of the traceability of individual components’ manufacturing histories, e. g. for investigations in the case of failures, or the utilization of component data to achieve optimal pairings of components within complex assembly processes.