Federative Factory Data Management (FFDM) based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Semantic Model Description
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General information

The BRAGECRIM-Initiative (Brazilian German Collaborative Research Initiative in Manufacturing Technology) provides a common scientific platform for 30 university departments and Fraunhofer Institutes from Brazil and Germany. BRAGECRIM contains 16 cooperation projects in the field of manufacturing technology, integrated product development and production optimization.

The Role of DiK in BRAGECRIM

The Department of Computer Integrated Design (DiK) participates in one cooperation project with the topic: “Federative Factory Data Management (FFDM) based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Semantic Model Description on XML and RDF” since October 2009. The acronym of the project is “FedMan“. The cooperation partner from Brazil is the Laboratory for computer application in design and manufacturing (SCPM) of UNIMEP in Piracicaba. The duration of funding for the first project phase amounts to two years. After a successful survey by DFG, CAPES and FINEP funding has been extended until December 2013.


Focus of the project is the development of a federative factory data management (FFDM) based on web services supporting collaborative factory planning processes. With the development of a FFDM, the foundation for integrated data processing and propagation will be created, which allows mastering the challenges of data exchange between OEM’s and their suppliers on the one hand and optimizing interoperability between various domain-specific tools and source systems on the other hand.

Core of the second phase of FedMan is the development of a mobile FFDM based on app-technology. A demonstrator for existing mobile internet devices has been developed and will now be extended for use in further cases. In addition, the automatic generation of simulation model is of core interest.

Within the fourth international BRAGECRIM-Meeting in Aachen (Germany) in October 2012 the interim results of the FedMan-project were presented. The concept as well as an implemented and running demonstrator of the mobile FFDM was shown, which received positive feedback from representatives of DFG, CAPES und FINEP as well as from expert audience.