Smart Systems Engineering

In the first project phase of the Smart Systems Engineering project, focus was placed on solutions for the cross-disciplinary and cross-enterprise exchange of behavioral models. The Functional Mockup Interface (FMI) is viewed as the basic technology for the exchange. FMI is a standardized, tool-independent interface that is used to exchange behavioral models.

A total of nine use cases that lie within the V model were already compiled together with industry partners. A reference process for exchanging behavioral models was also developed. Supporting checklists for the reference process were developed: one for organizational constraints and one for classifying the exchanged behavioral models. The results achieved were documented in a ProSTEP iViP Recommendation.

Current focus is on developing additional test scenarios for the use of FMI. A look will also be taken at the different formats and methods used in systems engineering (ReqIF, FMI, SysML, AUTOSAR, OSLC, etc.) and a layer model derived from these formats and methods that can be used to assess to what extent the different formats and methods provide mutual support.