Our Vision

Our actions are affected by change. But despite of our mutability constants can be found. Like in the past, in future, we would like to be considered as a competent partner in research projects as well as an acknowledged research center within Europe. Regarding this, in future, we want to strengthen our reputation.

Furthermore, we would like to influence the national and international reputation of the Technical University Darmstadt in a positive way. This applies to both mechanical engineering and initiatives like multidisciplinary research centers. Therefore, we want to vitalize our lectures and courses for domestic as well as foreign students by teaching in more attractive and innovative manner.

Our teaching and research activities are focusing on supporting human beings, taking their individual needs into account. Regarding all our future activities, we will abide by this valuable premise.

Regarding our changeability, incentives can generally be found in economic and social tendencies like globalization, business process orientation, as well as networking enterprises. Additionally, rapid technological progresses and increasing demands for innovative, multi-media based teaching concepts are providing ongoing incentives for changing constantly.

Incentives for changing are manifold. We are aware of the fact, that only by changing constantly, we can manage to abide by our qualities. Therefore, we want to continue our innovative research activities by simultaneously teaching our students all valuable knowledge, that they will need for practicing the most interesting engineering activities of the 21st century.