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Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. Maximilian Zocholl


Maximilian Zocholl studied Mechanical Engineering at RWTH Aachen University and Ecole Centrale Paris until 2011. In the field of mechanical engineering he specialised in engineering design by Professor Feldhusen. Mr. Zocholl gathered practical experiences amongst others at the Kolbenschmidt Pierburg AG and the Hôpital Européen Georges-Pompidou Paris. In his thesis he developed a concept for the analysis of the stability in industrial service-networks based on the non-cooperative game theory.

In March 2012 he joined the Department of Computer Integrated Design (DiK) of Professor Anderl as a research assistant. His current research interest in the context of the Collaborative Research Center 805 can be summarised as the ontology-based representation of time-dependent uncertainty in parametric information models.

From March 2012 to August 2013 Maximilian Zocholl worked at the department´s training center „Informationsverarbeitung im Maschinenbau“ (IiM) and was responsible for the CAD training course „Introduction into Computer Aided Design“. Beside his teaching activities he trained students on CAD and PDM.

Topics: CAD, PDM, NX, Teamcenter

From July 2012 to September 2013 Maximilian Zocholl worked with companies of the aerospace industry as well as standardisation organisation. The research was focussed on the development of a concept for the long term archiving and retrieval of explicit 3D-CAD geometries in the context of the Long Term Archival and Retrieval (LOTAR)-standards, as well as the use-of-potential analysis of the Product Life Cycle Support Library (PLCSlib) for the its use in the LOTAR-standard for Product Management Data.

The concept for the long term archive has been developed in two projects: In the first project relevant requirements were determined for the archiving system and the long term archiving processes were integrated in the release workflow. In a second project software tools for the conversion, verification and validation were assessed.

The use-of-potential analysis of the PLCSlib for ISO 10303-239 focussed on the template-based feasibility of the Recommended Practices for the LOTAR Parts 2xx, as well as the assessment of the data consistency between the different formats in use .xml, .xmi and .xsl.

Since September 2013 Maximilian Zocholl works in the Collaborative Research Center 805 “Control of Uncertainty in Load-Carrying Structures in Mechanical Engineering”. In the Subproject A5 Mr. Zocholl and Mr. Heimrich develop an information model for the representation and visualisation of uncertainty. By this means uncertain data raised in the production and usage phase can be linked to parametric product models in order to make time dependent processes and non-linear relations in assemblies available for calculations.

Topics: uncertainty, ontology, parametric product model, parametric, LOTAR, PLCSlib, STEP, EN 9300-1xx, -2xx, ISO 10303-239, -214, -203, -108, -42, OWL 2, RDF(S).

  • Concept for the semantic representation of assembly information (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Development and implementation of a concept for semantic collaboration (Master Thesis)
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