Serdar Bulut M. Eng. M. Sc.


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Prior to his studies Mr. Serdar Bulut worked as an industrial mechanic for the Augsburg based company MAN Diesel & Turbo SE. He assembled steam turbines, axial, and radial compressors. Starting October 2013 he participated in the double bachelor program of the Tecnical University Darmstadt and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. In 2016 he obtained his B. Sc. degree from both universities in mechanical engineering. Subsequently, he started his masters at Technical University Darmstadt in partnership with Tongji University (Shanghai). In November 2018 he successfully finished his studies with his thesis titled „Definition and Quantification of the Complexity Experienced by Autonomous Vehicles in their Environment and Driving Task“ and received a M. Sc. in Mechanical & Process Engineering (TU Darmstadt) and a M. Eng. Vehicle Engineering (Tongji University). Since March 2019 Mr. Bulut has been working as a research assistant for our institute in the project „Mittestand 4.0 – Kompetenzzentrum Darmstadt.“

Starting with the summer semester 2019 Mr. Bulut supervises the lecture “Virtual Product Development C” in the master's program. The main focus of virtual product development is to optimize the development of a product by using information and communication technologies. This leads to increased application of software systems in all sub-processes of product development.

Mittelstand 4.0 – Kompetenzzentrum Darmstadt

Since March 2019 Mr. Bulut works on the MiT4.0 – Competence Center Darmstadt for Small and Medium Enterprises. MiT4.0 with its learning factories at the TU Darmstadt provides small and medium sized enterprises a central platform for knowledge transfer and training modules. During the workshops, company representatives are directly informed about the potentials and challenges for the digitalization of their business processes. In addition, there are eight implementation projects offered for selected individual companies and numerous Industrie 4.0 research projects.

Under the umbrella of the MiT4.0, small and medium sized enterprises are offered following support:

  • Initial information about digital transformation, e.g. by demonstrators or by showing existing solutions
  • Training courses in the fields of action: “Efficient value-added process”, “Work & Labor 4.0”, “New business models”, “Energy management”, and “IT security”.
  • IHK certificate course “Train the Trainer 4.0” for business consultants, trainers in commerce chambers and associations
  • E-learning programs, workgroups, and conferences

Through diverse events and further training formats more than 3.000 people from company representatives, consultants, as well as labor union members should be reached during the project term.

Topics: Industry 4.0, IoT, Digitalization, Platfomisation, CAx-Processchain, Businessmodels