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Andreas Faath M.Sc.


Andreas Faath studied Mechanical and Process Engineering at Technische Universität Darmstadt until February 2015 and achieved the Master of Science degree. As student he worked at GM/Opel in the area Road Load Data Analysis for Fatigue Development and deepened his knowledge about virtual product development. His master's thesis dealt with the virtual documentation of measurement projects in the automotive industry.

In March 2015 Mr. Faath joined the Department of Computer Integrated Design as a research associate.

Lecture Computer Aided Design (CAD)

From March 2015 to November 2016, Mr. Faath worked at the department's training center Informationsverarbeitung im Maschinenbau (IiM) in the field of 3D-CAD training. As such he manages the course Computer Aided Design, which is part of the curriculum of the Bachelor of Science in Mechanical and Process Engineering. Within the lecture, in addition to the focus of 3D-CAD techniques (Siemens PLM Software NX 10.0), basic knowledge in product data management (Teamcenter 10.1) as well as the procedures of creating freehand sketches and technical product documentation is provided.

Since 2017 Mr. Faath is responsible for the tutorial “CAD-/CAM-process chain at Process Learning Factory CiP” offered to students of the Master Mechanical and Process Engineering. The tutorial includes an introduction of techniques of CAM, like the selection of technology data, strategies, tools etc.

JT Open

TU Darmstadt is a member of the JT Open Program since 2003. JT Open is a globally operating community of different stakeholders, like industrial enterprises, software vendors, users and universities. Main objective is the provision of 3D product data through the entire product life cycle based on an open and standardized data format, resulting in an open distribution of JT technology. Besides the cooperation in various work groups and surveys, the Department of Computer Integrated Design has released several publications for the application of JT in engineering processes and business areas. Current research focuses on JT as FEA process format, a use case for JT in ship building, Collaborative Engineering based on JT models and the integration of JT in Additive Manufacturing.


Since its inception in 1999, the PACE Initiative – Partners for the Advancement of Collaborative Engineering Education has grown to a current total of 65 engineering and design academic institutions in 12 countries. Meanwhile, PACE is supported by General Motors, Autodesk, Hewlett Packard, Siemens and Sun Oracle. The PACE mission is to develop the automotive Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) team of the future, by closing the gap between engineering education and practice at strategically-selected academic institutions worldwide. Mr. Faath represents the department in the PACE community.


ProSTEP iViP is an association that provides pioneering solutions and standards for product data management and virtual product development. In cooperation with science and research the interests of manufacturers and suppliers in the manufacturing industry as well as of IT vendors are exchanged, so that more efficient processes, methods and systems are developed.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Reiner Anderl is an honorary member of the ProSTEP iViP Association.

Mr. Faath represents the department at the technical steering committee.

Industrie 4.0 Maturity Index

By the development of a multidimensional maturity model an internationally valid evaluation methodology shall be provided for companies. In this project, it is aimed to identify the status quo of “Industrie 4.0” in the companies. Individual roadmaps can be developed in order to ensure a successful implementation of “Industrie 4.0” solutions according to the status quo. Based on current stu­dy results the „Maturity Index“ will include research and development in addition to production, logistics, sales and marketing. That aims to enable a holistic evaluation of the maturity of „Industrie 4.0“ in the companies for the implementation of individual solutions, according to needs. The DiK‘s task is to enable the evaluation of the „En­gineering“ domain, mostly focusing research and develop­ment, and the cross-domain topic cyber security. For that developed questionnaires, diagrams and recommended ac­tions are used. Mr. Faath leads the DiK activities in this project.


  • Konzept zur Mehrkörpersimulation im Bereich des AutoStart/Stop-Verhaltens in der Automobilindustrie – extern, in Kooperation mit Bertrandt AG und Opel AG (Master-Thesis, 12/2015)
  • Identifikation von Einflussgrößen und Parameteroptimierung der Radstellung eines Rennwagens in der CAD-MKS Prozesskette (Bachelor-Thesis, 01/2016)
  • Identifikation von Einflussgrößen und Parameteroptimierung der Federung und Dämpfung eines Rennwagens in der CAD-MKS Prozesskette (Bachelor-Thesis, 01/2016)
  • Identifikation von Einflussgrößen der Achskinematik zur Erweiterung eines Rennwagenmodells hinsichtlich der flexiblen Eigenschaften in der CAD-MKS Prozesskette (Bachelor-Thesis, 03/2016)
  • Schwingungsanalyse eines Rennwagens in der CAD-MKS Prozesskette (Bachelor-Thesis, 03/2016)
  • Integration eines Reifenmodells für ein MKS-Rennwagenmodell in der CAD-MKS Prozesskette (Bachelor-Thesis, 03/2016)
  • Integration eines Anti-Blockier-Systems für ein MKS-Rennwagenmodell in der CAD-MKS Prozesskette (Bacherlor-Thesis, 05/2016)
  • Modellbildung und Simulation des Einzelradantriebskonzeptes eines Rennwagens in der Prozesskette CAD-FEM-MKS (ADP, 05/2016)
  • Potentialvergleich zweier CAE-Systeme zur Simulation eines Rennwagens innerhalb der CAD-MKS-FEM Prozesskette (Master-Thesis, 05/2016)
  • Integration eines Elektronischen-Stabilitäts-Programms für ein MKS-Rennwagenmodell in der CAD-MKS Prozesskette (Bachelor-Thesis, 06/2016)
  • Aufbau eines Simulationsmodells für die Mehrkriterienoptimierung eines Rennwagens in der CAD-FEM-MKS Prozesskette (Bachelor-Thesis, 06/2016)

Other student work

  • Reconfigurable Shared-Use Mobility Systems (RSMS) PACE Year 1 (ADP, 08/2015)
  • Einsatzmöglichkeiten der Erweiterten Realität in der Entwicklung, Produktion und Zahntechnik (ADP, 08/2015)
  • Entwicklung eines adaptiven Sitzbock-Systems als Schnittstelle zur Virtuellen Realität – extern, in Kooperation mit der Adam Opel AG (Master Thesis, 04/2016)
  • Entwicklung eines effizienten Reifegradmanagementprozesses für Instrumententafeln in der Automobilindustrie – extern, in Kooperation mit der BMW AG (Master Thesis, 07/2016)
  • Reconfigurable Shared-Use Mobility Systems (RSMS) PACE Year 2 (ADP, 08/2016)
  • Konzept zur MultiCAD Kollaboration mit Automotive-OEMs auf Basis von NX und JT – extern, in Kooperation mit der :em AG (Master Thesis, 09/2016)
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