License Management

The department of Computer Integrated Design (DiK) provides for Institutes of Technische Universität Darmstadt various software products and their licenses.

This software and the licenses are only available to those institutions. These are not student licenses.

The following products and licenses are available through the international support program of PACE (Partners for the Advancement of Collaborative Engineering Education):

  • Altair: Hyperworks
  • MSC: Adams, Nastran
  • Siemens PLM Software: NX

    Responsible: Lars Niemczik, M.Sc

More Products & Licenses

General approach

  • Apply for an account for the license management
    • 1. Registration of one manager of the Institute for access to the License Management --> “Account beantragen (Account request)”
    • 2. Review and manual activation by the responsibles of the DiK --> If access is granted a message will be sent to the specified email address.

With the activation of the account, managers can now manage their profile, apply for licenses and view the various manuals.

  • Apply for licenses
    • 3. A license for a software product can be applied by requesting the computer name, IP-address and MAC-address --> “Lizenzübersicht (License Overview)”
    • 4. Completing and submitting the registration form --> Notification is automatically sent to the responsibles of the DiK.
      • a.) The responsible manager of the institute will get a PDF with the license agreement by eMail, if he asked for a license for specific software (eg. Hyperworks) the first time.
        This must be returned completed and stamped by internal mail or fax. Only after receiving the license agreement, an activation is possible.
      • b.) It’s not necessary to sign a new license agreement, if the responsible manager applies for a second licenses for the same software (eg. Hyperworks).
    • 5. Review and manual activation for the applied license(s) by the responsibles of the DiK --> If access is granted a message will be sent to the specified email address.
    • 6. After activation of a license to a software package, it is possible for the responsible manager of the institute to load this software and associated updates.
    • 7. Full versions and updates can be loaded any time from now on, from the license management account by the responsible manager.

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