Location: (will be anounced shortly)
Start: block course estimated at 29./30. October 2015
Last Lecture: January 2016

The cADP goes into the thirteenth round … now with computer aided development of ergonomics and design orientated products. (6 CP for Master 3.0)

It is…

  • an interdisciplinary cooperative project
  • the development from the idea until the prototype – computer aided from technical-functional, ergonomical and aesthetical point of views
  • a team work of manageable deveolpment teams from engineering and design studying fields
  • the application of methods, tools and processes of the participating departments

Introduction:2 day block couse estimated at 29./30. October 2015 (obligatory)
Project work:free time management with a coordinated project schedule.
Ending: hand in of the final report in January 2016

Presentation: in January/February 2016

Participation Requirements:

  • at least one exam in one lecture of the participatin departments
  • good knowledge in at least one 3D-CAD-system
  • Bachelor's degree; for Diploma: Studienarbeit already completed

The maximum number of participants is limited by organisatoric reasons.
Interested? The registration is possible from 15. July 2015 until 15. September 2015

For registration send an e-mail to albrecht@dik.tu-… .

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The participants are notified after deadline.